How to Chip like a Pro in 4 Simple Steps: Play Better Golf Book 2: Volume 2

January 3, 2020 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Chip well to score Good advice for anyone struggling with their chipping.I am aware of the no wrist break technique and totally agree it is the only way to gain consistency.Surprised and disappointed that the author never once mentioned ball position as I feel this is very important to consistent clean strikes with the club sole just brushing the grass slightly more than when putting where the putter face is just on the upswing when contacting the ball to impart roll on the ball.I guess everyone needs to…

Anonymous says:

Significantly improved my chipping Well worth a few pounds. I have been putting these recommendations into practice and my chipping has improved significantly (from awful, it has to be said). I am in my first year of playing so mileage may vary if you are a lot more experienced.UPDATE in my third year of playing I still find these tips invaluable and have recommended this book to several other golfers.

Anonymous says:

OK It is alright but now a days you can achieve more by watching youtube videos on golf than reading book.

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