Tiger Woods: How I Play Golf: Ryder Cup Edition

December 17, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Don’t just leave this on your coffee table I was dubious about this book but thought I’d give it a go. I’ve got to say, I am REALLY impressed! First thing you notice on flicking through is that this is a visually rich book. Not only is it full of pictures, but most of them feature Tiger himself, some are annotated or labelled. And one of the best things is that Tiger also has taken the time to show us photos of himself doing the things to avoid, so we can compare. I find this particularly surprising as it shows the time that has been…

Anonymous says:

Good Book This a a good book for beginners looking for an aide memoir to the golf lesson. It’s heavy on how to do something, or more accurately how Tiger does something, and less about why, or the science or understanding behind it. So I use it as a refresher if the day on the course did not go well, but I will also stick to the lessons to gain a better knowledge of the science behind it. And will keep looking for another book that is a bit more succinct.

Anonymous says:

Great book Great book, lots of pictures to follow.

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