The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods

November 19, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Brilliant, unique insight Being a great writer is mostly about access and Hank had unique access to Woods. If you are a student of the swing and followed Tiger Woods in his prime you have to read this book. My view of Woods was so shaped by the marketing machine around him but clearly he is as human as you and me. He has fears on the course, first tee jitters, struggles to take his range game to the course and much more. It makes his 14 majors even more of an achievement. He also seemed to succumb to the fate of many of…

Anonymous says:

Woods as his coach knows him Whether one likes Tiger Woods or not as a person, he is a sporting phenomenon. Few know him as his coach does having been with him through some of his most successful years. Knowing the split was acrimonious and bizarre in some ways, the book nevertheless presents a picture of Woods not many know and, while it may not endear anyone to him, it will show the hard (and extreme?) work involved in becoming the sporting legend he is.

Anonymous says:

Great insight into Tiger I skipped through some of the swing coaching, but the book gives a great insight into Tiger and is written without malice, even though the two of them fell out.

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