Open Side: The Official Autobiography

September 21, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Just a bit boring! Half way through and not sure I will finish this. It’s just not that interesting.It neither gives an incite into being a pro Rugby player nor provides any humour and therefore not interesting or amusing.The main chapters are written in diary mode with just one match after another and it becomes tedious.Such a shame have been looking forward to reading this for ages – I hope the timing of the release didn’t impact the quality.

Anonymous says:

A fascinating and entertaining read. Unlike many sports biographies there are no cheap stunts for publicity here. Rather, it is an insightful account of the sacrifices Sam Warburton made to get to the top. His commitment and dedication are inspirational, and it was fantastic to read of his appreciation of a few key individuals and their contributions to his success – especially school teacher Mr Gwyn Morris. I followed his career with Wales for years, but had no idea just how much pain he went through in the background…

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