Out of the Rough: The Caddy’s Story

September 20, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

See Woods from the trees Whether one likes Tiger Woods or not as a person, he is a sporting phenomenon. Few know him as Steve Williams does having been with him through some of his most successful years. Knowing the split was acrimonious and Williams felt let down by Woods’ behaviour and is inability to make clear Williams was not involved, it is well worth the read.It presents a picture of Woods not many know and, while it may not endear anyone to him, it will show the hard work involved in becoming the sporting…

Anonymous says:

highly recommend for an insight into the greatest golfer that ever … highly recommend for an insight into the greatest golfer that ever liver (imo!), Steve doesn’t hold back on saying it how it is and who he respects and who he doesnt which makes for a great read. Yes he is arrogant but he is really just stating the truth in his own blunt way, that truth being that he is the best caddy out there as most players agree.

Anonymous says:

Very enjoyable Steve Williams has led a quite extraordinary life. I was astonished at how young he was when he began carrying at the highest level. The insight into his dealings and relationships with all his players (especially Tiger Woods) was superb.

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