Andrew’s Essential Guide to Beginners Golf

September 5, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Only recently taken up golf, and by taken up … Only recently taken up golf, and by taken up I mean going to the driving range to whack some balls. Had a couple of lessons to help with technique and then took a bit of a break. When it was time to start trying to play again, this book served well as a refresher on what i had been shown during the lessons. The diagrams help so much more than photographs imo.

Anonymous says:

Marvellous introduction. It would be hard to imagine a better introduction to learning to play golf, or for those struggling and needing to go back to basics. Without a trace of unnecessary jargon, the authors explain the basic principles of the game in the clearest possible terms. The diagrams are invaluable, so much better than photographs, as they indicate in the simplest terms how the body and arms should move. The whole book is essentially visual, a slowed-down video that allows understanding and provides a key…

Anonymous says:

Five Stars Very helpful book with illustrations to boot and tips. Well thought out and did help my game.

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