Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump: The brilliant New York Times bestseller

August 13, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Big orange cheat Most of this information was already in plain view, but Reilly puts it all together and comprehensively skewers someone he’s known for over 30 years. In doing so he successfully proves his central thesis, that Trump’s approach to golf (both playing it, and developing courses) is perhaps the most accurate predictor of his conduct generally and in office. The cheating when he plays is universally attested to, but is the least interesting bit of the book, because it’s unsurprising and merely…

Anonymous says:

If a quarter is true, forget golf and worry for the world A brilliant book. I’m not a golfer but do understand some of its conventions. The book becomes a thesaurus of grotesqueness; much reads like a comic novel except nothing is funny. You don’t need to understand golf to be blown away by the sheer awfulness of Trump’s behaviour. Three non-golfing friends have already read it and share the 5 star rating.

Anonymous says:

I bet he doesn’t shout “fore!” either I can honestly say that this book has opened my eyes. I doubt non-golfers will “get it”, but we golfers can come to only one conclusion after closing this book …. “What a despicable person we have as leader of the free world …. America, hang your head in shame.

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